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Sisterlocks and Brotherlocks, a trademarked technique that create small cultivated , allows you to achieve stylish, manageable hair without extensions, chemicals or additives like relaxers, gels or waxes. A natural hair management system, Sisterlocks and Brotherlocks allows women, and children of African descent to take advantage of today’s hairstyling without having to alter the natural texture of their hair. In fact, one of the great benefits of Sisterlocks is that you don't have to cut off your to start them.

The Consultation.($25)
Before having your locks installed you will need to schedule a consultation here you will discuss your expectations, lifestyle, maintenance, styling and coloring options. you will also be able to view work  the consultant has done and have `test` locks placed in your hair the hair should be clean (shampooed within the last 48 hours) and free of any oil, gel or moisturiser, loose and available (no individual/box braids or cornrows, twists) you will also know the exact cost for getting the locks installed. If you then decide that this is the hair style for you go ahead

Your Locking session $600 and up
$150 deposit is due at that the locking session is scheduled to hold appointment time and is not refundable.Your hair should be clean and free of any oils or moisturisers. Sit, back relax and you will be spending at least 10 hours (over a 2 day period).Your sisterlocks will be done in a warm and friendly environment, it's an exciting time! Dress comfortably and come prepared with your meals, a good book and any movies you may like to see..welcome to sisterlocks 

Your Follow-up session (free)
This is done within 2-3 weeks after having the locks installed. After 3 weeks this is considered a re-tightening session and the full re-tightening fee will be charged.

Your next appointment will be 4-6 weeks for your full re-tightening session at a flat rate which will be discussed during consultation.

Re-tightening classes are scheduled based on needs this can be done one on one or in a group setting ($250 USD).

Grooming sessions should be booked twice per year.

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